Clifton Dog & Cat Hospital is the oldest animal hospital in Clifton and thriving despite many practices that have opened in Clifton and vicinity.


Dr. Ed Unay, the owner of the facility   delivers a topnotch comprehensive companion animal medical and surgical care services to clients since 1982 .  Perineal Urethrostomy to correct repeated, frequent urinary blockage by preventing urinary struvite crystals(stones) retention in cats and anal sac total ablation to correct frequent, repeated anal gland saculitis (infection) are among of the many major surgical interventions Dr.Unay performs.


Clifton Dog & Cat Hospital prides itself in practicing complete, comprehensive thorough practice of veterinary medicine and surgery, serving all pets and owners alike with integrity, respect and honesty as we treat our employees attested with our long retention of dedicated employees.


Edna, Dr.Unay’s wife is the Administrator and is an RN and has been an OR nurse most of her career.  She was the Owner/Administrator of a Senior Residential Health Care Facility in Sparta. Edna  coordinates and supervises strict adherence to practice protocols required by the American Animal Hospital Association  known worldwide as AAHA,  an international association of veterinarians.  Only 17 percent of U.S. and Canadian veterinary hospitals combined get accredited successfully. We pride in the fact that Clifton Dog & Cat Hospital has successfully attained AAHA’s highest standard of accreditation since 1989.


Sandie Conklin our receptionist and also a very competent animal technician has been with Clifton Dog & Cat Hospital since 1991 and has animal welfare at her core. “ So many wonderful animals and people come through our doors. I have truly been blessed to be able to come to work each day and share it with them! I have worked with Dr. Unay for more than 23 years  and would like to attest that he is the most thorough of surgeons who never leaves anything to chance. All our surgeries from a simple neutering to a much more complicated repair of torn meniscus, in 23 years I have never seen any of these surgeries not turn out well. I know that I would not take any of my pets to any veterinarian but him. As a matter of fact technicians and fellow veterinarians from some places he worked before have their pets medically or surgically treated by him.”

Stefany Serrano has been working with us as for more than a year as a  technician.  An animal lover herself she helped herself immensely with her untiring efforts to understand and put into practice the ways she learned how to maintain the well-being of her own pets and that of our clients with her advantage of being fluent in Spanish. She likewise help us to navigate the web and constantly improve and update our postings