We are a full service hospital.  Our mission is to treat each of our patient with utmost care to the best of our abilities and to be honest and forth right to our clients. We are members of the NJVMA, AVMA and  AAHA since 1989.





A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As our patients can not talk; to wait for them to get sick and too far gone can be averted with our effort to recommend yearly wellness check up.


We strongly believe in animal population control of unwanted pets that are up to suffer neglect, cruel conditions and other abusive environment. We encourage early spaying/neutering of our patient. Planned ownership of pets  prevents animal population explosion. The more reason we offer a low cost spay/neuter program.






Arrangements have been made to cover off hours emergency services with top notched  Emergency Animal Hospitals.  Our telephone message will direct you where to call for emergency services coverage.

We are a very strong proponent on preventive care to prevent fatal and expensive diagnostic procedures and treatments through immunizations "shots". We make available all vaccines necessary for our clients' well-being. We offer  Vanguard  plus 5L4 single dose which  covers nine diseases including 4 strains of leptospirosis for one price!

We are equipped to do major and minor surgeries. We have performed multiple surgical interventions  over the years. We are honest and straight forward to refer patients to specialist when needed.

If your pet has a long standing ear infection or frequent anal gland sac infection or a male cat with frequent urinary blockage despite prescription diet CALL US




Pet's identification is available and is greatly encourage. We have reunited pets and their owners through our Home Again Program since its inception


We perform dental, gum disease examinations, treatment and surgical interventions. We are equipped with state of the art dental facilities.





Full X-ray services are available on site.




We have  boarding care for our clients, short and long term. We provide  large indoor runs/ cages. We assure our clients with clean environment, plenty of fresh  water, and good nutrition  at all times. The pets are observed for signs of illness, and provided adequate exercise  and a warm or cool environment as needed.