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Puppies and kittens are exciting, entertaining, and so much fun! Remember, however, that this new pet is a baby that needs plenty of attention and care.

It is most beneficial to have a veterinary exam prior to bringing your new family member into the house, especially if you have other pets. Even as a newly weaned puppy or kitten, your pet can carry parasites and infectious diseases. An unfortunate infestation or life-threatening infection can be avoided with the first visit to the veterinarian.

At each visit, your we will weigh your pet and offer suggestions for the best type of food and treats for optimum growth and vigor. An appropriate diet is necessary for a healthy puppy or kitten and good quality pet food is important. Please remember to keep fresh, clean water available at all times.

We will also discuss spay or neuter; care of your pet's coat, ears, and nails; house training; socialization; and basic obedience training.

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