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We perform a variety of surgical procedures using state-of-the-art equipment in our dedicated Operating Suite maintained to AAHA Standards. 

Soft-Tissue Surgical Procedures include:

  • Spay and Neuter

  • Removal of ingested foreign material that may result in an obstruction

  • Surgical Repair of Skin Injuries such as cuts, lacerations, and bite wounds

  • Evaluation and Removal of Skin Tumors

  • Evaluation and Removal of Gastrointestinal Tumors

  • Surgical Removal of Bladder Stones

  • Eye Surgeries, including Enucleation

Orthopedic Surgical Procedures include:

  • Evaluation and Repair of Fractures

  • Correction of ruptured ligaments (extracapsular cranial cruciate ligament repair) or dislocated knees (luxated patella)

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