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Receptionist/Veterinary Technician

Sandie Conklin, our long-time receptionist and veterinary technician, has been with Clifton Dog & Cat Hospital since 1991. Sandie has reliably been a welcoming and familiar face to both new and life-long clients and their pets for over 3 decades.

“I have worked with Dr. Unay for more than 30 years and would like to attest that he is the best veterinarian in Clifton I know. Dr. Unay is the most thorough of surgeons who never leaves anything to chance. All our surgeries from a simple neutering to a much more complicated repair of torn meniscus, in 30 years I have never seen any of these surgeries not turn out well. I know that I would not take any of my pets to any veterinarian but him. As a matter of fact, technicians and fellow veterinarians from some places he worked before have their pets medically or surgically treated by him.”

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